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Sleep So Sweet

Jennette McDonald, Sleep Consultant
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About Me

I'm a mom of two energetic boys who both had difficulty with the quality of their sleep. 

My oldest had shoulder dystocia at birth where they needed to break his arm and the recovery from this greatly affected his sleep. Once his arm was healed and he was released from physio and chiropractic care at 5 months old, we worked on his sleep so that he could sleep independently. He has been a great napper and slept 10+ hours per night ever since.

My youngest was born at a time where Dad was travelling for work and we were able to join him. Unfortunately he became a dependent sleeper which meant the whole family was affected by his random sleep schedule. Even after teaching him the skills to self-soothe, teething and sickness affected the work we had put in - his sleep regressions were huge and made a big impact on his independent sleep. We did continual brush ups to his sleep skills and he sleeps 12 hours now.

I've been where you are!

Trying to parent while exhausted beyond anything you've ever experienced.

Trying to be present at work after being up for much of the night.


Why choose Sleep So Sweet ?

  • I'm a mom who's personally been through it, too

  • I use evidence-based and supportive methods

  • We will ensure you maintain emotional and physical connection with Baby

  • Sleep plans are individualized to suit your  family's needs

While working with me, I strive to be flexible to the needs of Baby as well as of any other members of the family. 

Baby may protest to change but we will not use the Ferber method. You are even welcome to stay in the room with Baby.

I understand the importance of sleep not only for Baby's development, but also for your ability to function and be present for Baby, others, work, and for yourself!!

What's next?

During this complimentary call, we will chat about Baby's current sleep habits and answer any questions you have.

You can decide if I'm the best fit to help you teach Baby the independent sleep skills that will help them, as well as the rest of the family, get restful sleep.

I will advise you which service would best suit your needs.


Newborn Support


Prenatal to 12 weeks old

1 hour call to discuss:

  • gentle sleep strategies

  • establish routine

  • encourage development of independent sleep skills

  • boost your confidence

+ complimentary Sleep Guide

Sleep So Sweet  Package

4 months - 5 years old

  • detailed survey of current sleep habits

  • individualized sleep plan

  • 1 hour call to discuss sleep plan

  • text support night 1 until Baby is asleep

  • 2 weeks of text support and check-ins during business hours

  • 4 follow up calls

  • sleep tracker & daily analysis

Support Call

Independent Sleepers 

30 minute call to provide:

  • support regarding naps, travel, daycare, etc.

  • tweaks and suggestions around nap and sleep schedules

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